Thursday, 2 December 2010

Recipe of the Moment:
The 'Skosmopolitan' Cocktail

As any health conscious cook will tell you, the difficulty in creating a ‘skinny’ anything, is that in order to eliminate unwanted calories, we often inadvertently eliminate much desired taste.


Well because life is cruel of course, and ironically the nicest tasting food, is often the most damaging to our health.

Of course we can reduce quantities, make substitutions, or even remove the offending ingredient entirely; but if the result resembles its full-fat counterpart as much as Michael Jackson resembled his teenage self, we may as well not have bothered in the first place.

In the realms of mixology, the task of ‘skinny-fying,’ is even more treacherous.
Not only do we have to ensure that taste isn’t sacrificed, we also have to avoid eliminating a rather crucial yet calorific component – Alcohol.

Okay, so I know it isn’t everything, and I’m perfectly aware that you don’t need booze to have a good time; but let’s be honest, alcohol is the rasion d’etre of any cocktail, and pretty fundamental to its appeal.

You’re probably thinking right now that I’ve bitten off more cud than I could chew, and perhaps you’re thinking that the prospect of a skinny tasteless and virgin Cosmo, isn’t very alluring.

Well I don’t blame you.

That’s why in order to bring you a healthy (okay – healthier) and delicious alternative, culled in calories and carbs, but not kick, some serious research has been called for.

Utilising my clandestine investigative journalist resources (Google), I have painstakingly trolled through the various Cosmo incarnations.

Recreating cocktail after cocktail in search of the perfect recipe, I tweaked ratios, trialled flavoured liqueurs, and purchased enough cocktail paraphernalia to host a Hawaiian Luau.

Oh how horrendous this journey has been.

But after two arduous days of taste testing (and one giant hangover), Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls (aged 18 years and over of course) The Scoffing Cow, proudly presents….. The Skosmopolitan.

This recipe will not encourage you to limit your alcohol intake… or uphold your dignity.


The Skosmopolitan Cocktail


• 1 good sized shot (about 35ml or 2 and a bit tbsp) citron Vodka

• 30ml (2 tbsp) diet or very light cranberry juice

• 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

• ½ tsp. orange extract (3 or 4 drops) (Dr Oetker’s is reasonably easy to come by)

• Enough sweetener to equate to 3 tsp sugar

• A handful of crushed ice


• 1 chilled Martini glass

• 1 cocktail shaker

• 1 disgustingly tacky cocktail umbrella. (optional)

• 1 token cherry on stick (optional)


Half fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice, and pour over the ingredients.

Shake well.

Strain into glass.


Enjoy (smugly).

Serves 1

About 75 Calories per serving by my calculations. (No litigation in the event of miscalculations… I’m a blogger damn it, not a mathematician.)

The Scoffing Cow’s Top Tips:

Since we’ve ditched the Cointreau in this cocktail, I would really recommend sourcing some citron Vodka. Having said that, you can use regular, but you might want to up the orange extract.

Speaking of which, this ingredient is kind of crucial – don’t be tempted to use orange zest or flavouring. The Dr Oetker brand is available at most decent supermarkets, and does the job nicely. If you’re struggling, and feel especially resourceful, you can make your own… there’s a pretty good recipe here ->

There can be a notable calorific difference between light and diet Cranberry juice, depending on which brand you use. If you can, check the back, anything under 10 cals per 100ml is a good bench mark. Also Cranberry juice sans sucre, tends to be a little bitter and much thicker in consistency. If you get your hands on it, feel free to use it, but you might want to half the amount and replace the rest with a splash or two of water. If you have a sweet tooth, you may also need to throw in a little more sugar substitute to compensate.

Finally, it’s all about the presentation darling – don’t be tempted to use a wine glass – you won’t feel anywhere near as indulgent, or, well, Cosmopolitan.

Bottoms up.

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