Wednesday, 22 June 2011 Does Nature Deliver?
The Scoffing Cow Investigates

Traffic. Urgh. Don’t these people know what they’re standing in the way of?

It’s Monday morning and as per usual, I’m surrounded by exhaust fumes, becoming increasingly more agitated during the laborious journey to work, after two glorious days of freedom.

This morning however, I’m even more frustrated; the much anticipated free nibble box (courtesy of Graze) is due to land on my desk this very day, and if Royal Mail have upheld their end of the bargain, is already sat patiently awaiting my arrival.

As I push open the office door, and chunter the obligatory ‘mornings’ to my more punctual colleagues, I spy the little brown box nestled amongst my in-tray.
Quietly ‘eeeping’ to myself, I quickly discard my handbag, throw aside my coat, and rip open the parcel.

Well, Nature Delivered sure looks delightful. Four fist sized little punnets of yummy looking treats, sit quaintly inside a colourfully decorated box. A personalised insert provides corresponding key nutritionals, as well as use-by dates, and the main ingredients.

The first thing that strikes me, aside from the aesthetically pleasing presentation, is the apparent lack of variety within my box. Despite the website boasting deli topped focaccia breads, marinated olives, and tasty flapjacks, I don’t seem to have any of these.

Hiding my disappointment, and consoling myself in the knowledge that flapjacks and focaccia are for the main, pretty naughty nibbles, I tear open the first punnet, switch on my computer (having realised that I am actually supposed to be work) and delve straight in.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mail Order Health Food, Whatever Next!

It would certainly be a rather sweeping generalisation, to assume that all ‘foodies’ are frivolous; nonetheless the world of gastronomy does not come cheap, and those who wish to embroil themselves in its delights, are often prepared to pay the price.

But alas, not this Cow; you see in my opinion, half the satisfaction of discovering new and innovative gourmet experiences balances on the bargain.
And for the Scoffing Cow, there is no better bargain, than one that is completely and utterly, categorically free.

So when I stumbled across a ‘no strings’ trial at the newly established online snackery,, I couldn’t resist; and before I knew it, had provided my details, created an unimaginative user ID, and was eagerly perusing their selection of delights.