Thursday, 28 April 2011

Recipe of the Moment:
Apple & Cinnamon Sugar Snap Porridge

For those of you who follow the musings of the Scoffing Cow on a regular basis, you may have realised by now, that I undeniably hold a particular penchant for porridge (and alliteration too it would seem.)

Yes indeed, I am a porridge whore. And sadly, would be content beginning each and every day with a steaming great big bowl of oats for all of eternity.

But alas, that doesn’t mean that I’m averse to variation, and in fact, often treat porridge creation as if I were preparing an a la carte meal.
You see, a sprinkling of sugar or a dollop of jam will get you so far, but really, with such a versatile substance, porridge can be so much more.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all ‘Heston’ on you; snails and camel ears have no place in my breakfast routine, but you’d be surprised how sexy porridge can actually be, with just a few little tweaks here and there.

So why not get a little creative…

Grated nutmeg and a swirl of honey; maple syrup with ground ginger; apple sauce with powdered cinnamon; the possibilities are unashamedly endless. And provided we maintain a little self control when adding any of the above accoutrement, you're porridge will remain a healthy and nutritious breakfast, with significantly more pizazz.

Still not convinced? Well let me see if I can change your mind with the Scoffing Cow's very own recipe, for Sugar Snap Porridge.
This recipe works with about any flavour or spice creation you can fathom, and adds an indulgent and sophisticated addition to even the most simple concotions. (Okay perhaps not sophisticated, it is still porridge for gods sake.)

Try it, and let me know what you think....
Unless you don't like it of course... in which case, ignorance is bliss.