Thursday, 17 February 2011

Breakfast on the Hoof

Bacon, eggs, sausage and fried bread; four of the most renowned and revered components of the traditional English breakfast. With derivatives boasting black pudding, baked beans, potatoes and tomato, it’s pretty clear that that the concept of eating breakfast like a king, was devised by an Englishman.

The notoriety of the ‘Full English’ is undisputedly epic.

One need only take a stroll down the local high street, past any early doors pub, cafĂ©, or suitably coined ‘Greasy Spoon,’ to fully fathom the extent of its popularity.
And despite an ever increasing awareness regarding the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol heavy foods, business in the cooked breakfast trade is positively booming.

But what about us weight watchers? What about those who wish to shy away from the institution of the ‘fry-up,’ and preserve the sanctity of their coronary arteries for at least one more day?