Thursday, 29 September 2011

No-Nonsense Nutrition and Gimmick Free Grazing at Healthy Supplies...

A few weeks ago I blogged about Graze; an online pay-as-you-go snackery, purporting to provide healthy eating by post. 

Much to the dismay of some readers (I didn’t actually think I had any!) my review was if anything, a little derogatory.
Although I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘gimmick factor,’ akin to the Graze experience; the cutesy packaging, and the rating based selection process, I was shocked to learn that my ‘nutritious’ yet petit nibble box was in fact laden with more calories than your average Burger King Combo.

Yes, yes... I know it’s not the same... the saturated fats in a Whopper meal are certainly incomparable to a punnet of fennel seeds, but still, hardly what you’d expect from a supplier of self proclaimed health foods is it?

In light of this shocking discovery, I began pondering as to whether Graze had missed a trick, and to whether there were more calorie friendly ways of obtaining similar products, through the convenience of mail order.

After a quick ‘Google’ session, (one of my favourite past-times) I hit on a website for the rather aptly named ‘Healthy Supplies,’ an online health food store ran with a passion for non-nonsense, tasty yet affordable and healthy snacks.
Being a cheeky as well as greedy bovine, I dropped them an email asking if they were willing to take part in a little comparative study.
To my surprise, within hours of my forthright proposition, the lovely Brendan Fernandes, one half of the founding couple, enthusiastically sent his reply.
Like me, Brendan appreciated the ‘gimmick factor’ behind Graze, but was sceptical about their credibility as providers of genuinely healthy food.
As a result, (and of course uninfluenced by my shamefully angling email) he offered to send me a few of his favourite nibbles which he felt not only rivalled Graze on the taste test, but also outshone them in terms of nutrition, quantity and price.

Needless to say, I all but bit his hand off, and relished the opportunity to pit Graze and its trendy yet compelling marketing, against a more down to earth, and grassroots competitor.

So, in the words of John Anderson, ‘Contenders... Ready!?’