Thursday, 2 December 2010

Recipe of the Moment:
The 'Skosmopolitan' Cocktail

As any health conscious cook will tell you, the difficulty in creating a ‘skinny’ anything, is that in order to eliminate unwanted calories, we often inadvertently eliminate much desired taste.


Well because life is cruel of course, and ironically the nicest tasting food, is often the most damaging to our health.

Of course we can reduce quantities, make substitutions, or even remove the offending ingredient entirely; but if the result resembles its full-fat counterpart as much as Michael Jackson resembled his teenage self, we may as well not have bothered in the first place.

In the realms of mixology, the task of ‘skinny-fying,’ is even more treacherous.
Not only do we have to ensure that taste isn’t sacrificed, we also have to avoid eliminating a rather crucial yet calorific component – Alcohol.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Another Cosmo, Darling?

Although as the name suggests, The Scoffing Cow is indeed by nature a rather critical site, this bovine rarely chews the fat, without spitting out a good dose of constructivism.

It is therefore my goal to ensure that whenever I identify an active saboteur, or ineffectual ally along the course of our journey, I not only ‘out’ them for the traitors they are – but also attempt to avoid future conflict by providing a more suitable alternative.

Since it would be fair to say that the Cosmopolitan Cocktail, didn’t come off especially well in my previous posting, I have decided to start here.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Glamorous Gluttony: A Match Made in Manhattan?

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda.

Four names which most women, and indeed some men, know and love.
Quirky Manhattan apartments, whirlwind romances, and wardrobes as large as most of our homes. Sparking adoration and envy on a global scale, those girls sure knew how to live, and in the age of un-innocence did as much for post-feminism as GaGa did for visor shades.

Yet despite their lavish urban lifestyles, there was something incredibly comforting about the famous foursome - like all women, they were flawed, and as a result, seemingly ordinary people whom we could all relate to and indeed aspire to be.

But ever noticed something odd about Carrie and the gang? (Other than the occasional donning of an atrociously ridiculous hat.)
Unlike most women, and indeed the majority of men, you never (…well hardly ever), saw them cook.