Monday, 16 May 2011

Restaurant Review: Pizza Express
The Leggera Pizza… Holeyer Than Thou???

Few words strike fear into the hearts of calorie counters and weight watchers as comparably as the word ‘Pizza.’

With gargantuan amounts of melted mozzarella, fat laden meats, and bursting stuffed crusts, this iconic Italian staple is certainly no friend to those looking to shed a few pounds.

Of course over the years, the much loved pizza pie has been subjected to many a healthy living makeover. The more adventurous amongst us, will perhaps advocate tortilla based incarnations, topping deficit veggie delights, or even cheese free alternatives (which I personally feel should be criminalised.)

But whilst these innovations are all well and good in the comforts of the homestead, out and about in the real world, you’re as likely to find a pizzeria serving pitta bases, as you are flying pigs.

In light of this reality, the Scoffing Cow was shocked to learn in recent weeks, that a renowned restaurant chain specialising in Pizza had taken significant steps to appeal to the diet conscious proprietor. Indeed, the Pizza Express franchise, had not only become one of the country’s first few restaurants to publicize their nutritional values, but had also admirably launched a Weight Watchers endorsed range of pizzas; the Leggera. Better yet, there was no mention of eradicating the cheese!